Funds raised by the declared pest rate (DPR) and the government co-contribution will support the commercial, environmental and social values of the Ravensthorpe community through:

  • Improved animal welfare by preventing wild dog attacks on livestock and native animals
  • Add to land values by improving the viability of current and new livestock enterprises
  • Strengthen economic return when selling or leasing land suitable for the running of livestock
  • Safety of locals and tourists walking, sightseeing and horse riding in bushland areas
  • Reduce fox numbers by uptake of baits via wild dog baiting programs
  • Impact on fox and rabbit numbers from coordination of annual shoot and release of RHDV1K5 rabbit virus
  • Provision of equipment to trap pests impacting on urban areas
  • Support endangered species conservation, e.g. numbats and malleefowl
  • Prevent the establishment of a wild dog populations within national parks, reserves and urban residential areas

As part of the reporting processes, each October Southern Biosecurity Group will prepare an annual report and submit and audited financial statement to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.  Copies of the annual report will also be made available through this website.  The first report will be prepared for October 2019. 

A copy of the 2019/20 Operational Plan can be found here.