Landholder training

Any person wishing to use a retricted chemical product must complete the appropriate training. An online course is available through DPIRD's external Moodle site. Any person needing to complete the course may self-enrol and a tipsheet is available in the documents to the right of this page if extra assistance is required.

RP permit application forms

To obtain a permit you must demonstrate to your Biosecurity Officer that you understand and can carry out your responsibilities safely, and that your proposed use does not place non-target species at risk.

Forms for 1080 and strychnine can be found in the right column of this page and below.

Where to send your completed permit application form/s

If you are located in the SBG prescribed area (Shire of Ravensthorpe) and wish to take advantage of a SBG subsidised application fee, please send your completed applications (and proof of training) to the for processing.

Restricted Pesticide permit application form

Restricted pesticide amendment form

Tip sheet for completing an Restricted pesticide application form

1080 Flyer September 2020