During March 2020, R.A.I.N. released the K5 strain of the RHDV virus throughout the Ravensthorpe Shire area. The widespread virus released occurred across 20 locations, including farming properties at Mt Madden, West River, north Ravensthorpe, the Oldfield River, Maydon road (east of Ravensthorpe) and south of the Kundip nature reserve. The Everett Country Golf Club, Krystal park estate, the CWA, and the blocks between Barnett Street and the Esplanade in Hopetoun were also included. The work was carried out by an authorized user of wild rabbit control contracted by Southern Biosecurity Group. The calicivirus was sourced through SBG and purchased from the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute in New South Wales. Sighting, damage and control data from this control program has been uploaded to the FeralScan database. 

You can read more about the release here