Notice of baiting for wild dogs

The Southern Biosecurity Group advises that from January 2019 heavy baiting programs (using 1080 meat baits) to control wild dogs will be carried out by Licensed Pest Management Technicians on Unallocated Crown Land to the east of the State Barrier Fence. In addition to 1080 baiting programs, technicians will be using foot hold traps treated with Strychnine.

1080 baiting is part of an integrated pest management program protecting livestock from death and injury; reducing the impact on agricultural production; and helping to preserve the unique flora and fauna of Western Australia. 

The poison baits will remain toxic for many months or until substantial rainfall is received. People are advised to take care when working within or visiting these areas.  Domestic pets should be kept close and under control at all times.  Owners may wish to consider the use of leads and muzzles for their domestic pets when within or adjacent to these areas. 

Do not rely on warning signs. Warning signs have been placed where applicable on Unallocated Crown Land and main access roads.  However, they may be damaged, removed, vandalised or destroyed. 

Picnic sites and recreational reserves are not included within the baiting program; however, baits can be inadvertently moved into these areas by animals and birds. 

If a wild dog is sighted please report to the SBG via email ( or via phone 0484 932 447.