Congrats to all participants!

A huge congratulations to everyone who participated and supported the 2019 Community Fox Shoot.  Four teams vied for the Ravensthorpe Red Card Community Fox Shoot Shield, shooting 76 foxes, 19 rabbits and 2 feral cats.  This is an outstanding effort!

The winning team was The Verminators shooting 43 foxes, 9 rabbits, and 1 feral cat.

Foxes eat around 3.5 kilograms of food each week, meaning that 76 foxes are responsible for consuming over 250 kilgograms of food in just one week.  Their diet is varied but includes poultry, small mammals and other animals.

Thank you everyone who supported the event including Ravensthorpe Agencies, Hopetoun Clay Target Club and RAIN.


The Verminators, winner of the 2019 Fox Shoot