The Western Australian Department of Health have recently approved the use of Para amino propiophenone (PAPP),  for the control of wild dogs and foxes in Western Australia. PAPP is the active ingredient that may be used in baits.

PAPP was developed by the Invasive Animal Cooperative Research Centre in conjunction with Australian Wool Innovation (AWI).

PAPP joins 1080 and strychnine as chemical tools available to farmers, landholders, pastoralists and licensed pest management technicians to control wild dogs and foxes. PAPP is not a replacement for 1080, but another tool for wild dog and fox control.

PAPP has the advantage of an effective antidote for domestic and working dogs if they consume the bait. The antidote can only be administered by a veterinary surgeon and must be administered within 45 minutes of consuming the bait to be effective.

PAPP and 1080 are on the same chemical schedule (Schedule 7) and therefore are under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2014 and a restricted chemical product (RCP) permit is required to purchase and use PAPP in the State. The application process for PAPP is the same as the current 1080 application process, in that, applicants can apply for a restricted chemical permit by completing a restricted chemical application form. A separate permit is required for PAPP, holding a current 1080 permit does not authorize the use of PAPP.

Like 1080, PAPP has distance restrictions related to its use. Some native animals have a tolerance to 1080 and this is not the case with PAPP, so additional conditions are applied for use of the product. Optimum use of PAPP would be during periods of low native animal activity.

The requirement is for PAPP baits not to be used in areas within 500 metres of native bush reserves, State or National Parks, flora and fauna reserves or crown land.  These areas make up a high percentage of the Ravensthorpe Shire. Our current understanding is the availability of the antidote for domestic and working dogs if a bait is consumed  will only be available at a limited number of veterinary outlets. At this time it is not envisaged that the SBG will coordinate wild dog or fox control using toxic PAPP baits.

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