Our Purpose

Manage the impact of declared pest species so that they have minimal impact on the agricultural industry, landscapes and biodiversity values within the Ravensthorpe Shire. 

Assist and encourage a consistent, integrated and cooperative approach to the management of declared priority pest species across all land types within the Ravensthorpe Shire.

What are your priorities?

What are your priority declared species for control?  If you've got ideas for what declared species the group should be focusing on, then please take five minutes and complete the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QR69NKJ.  Results from the survey are used to inform the Operational Plan and guides implementation of the Declared Pest Rate.

In July/August 2019 a priority survey was developed to gain input from community on priorities for the 2020/21 Operational Plan. The results can be found here. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

1080 baiting: a must for pest control but a risk to domestic pets

The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development advises that essential baiting programs using 1080 are carried out all year round across the state. While these programs are aimed at controlling wild dogs, foxes, feral cats, feral pigs and rabbits, they do pose a risk to domestic dogs.

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Russian Wheat Aphid

As of 9 September 2020, there have been 18 confirmed detection's of Russian wheat aphid (RWA) in the Esperance region. See here for the full update.

Bridal Creeper Project 2020

Unfortunately Bridal Creeper now poses one of the biggest threats to our precious local species across most of Southern Australia and is recognised as a weed of national significance. You can read more here.

Autumn Rabbit virus release report

RAIN has just completed a report on their release of the autumn rabbit virus. You can read more here.  

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